Vista Operating System not sure I am compatiable

So, I finally got the 160 GB hard drive in, with the new motherboard ( listen to me, speaking geek like I know what I am talking about) and then got Vista loaded on here, and then I find out that my graphics card is a no show for drivers and there for I can not play with the pretty glass aero features 😦 I also can not load my scanner. This is not so  great, if I pay 160.00 plus tax for an operating  system, can I at least get my scanner and graphics card Mr Gates????

Anyway, plus side – like the way the music and pictures  have a special home, seems easier to file somehow, maybe that is just me. I will be back to post more as soon as I get to play around with it more. Cons? You know that advertisement with the PC and the Mac talking about the safety feature? It really is that spastic and I will more than likely shut that feature off, when I can locate where it is.  Getting to where stuff is is a bit harder than with XP.

(I wish Google would make an OS, or I wish I had the courage to install Fedora!!!)

Until later


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