Vista update…..again

   Well, as of now my Computer is running Vista and these are the things I have to purchase new to make it a whole OS –

1. New scanner , anyone know of a compatible flatbed that wont kill me in price? I need this more than anything else as this is how I copy my school work for me children each day.

2. Graphics Card  or drivers for mine.

Other than those two things, I am seeing that it was just a learning curve I had to go through. At first I was angry, I realized that I upgraded for no other reason than I saw what this OS could do and wanted it ( by “do” I mean how it looked, have you seen the card games?). I will say one thing , the file system in this is superb! I have no idea if this is my imagination but it seems that as I save files, they go where they should and are filed so neatly.

I would love to know what others are thinking about this OS, pros and cons. I have read so far that some people are reverting back to XP, which is an option for me if I choose. I really want this to work out though, and hope that this will be the last time I upgrade until I get my Mac 🙂

I am so loving my new hard drive tho, 160 GB to load with music and files, its gonna be fun! Also love that I have 1.5 GB or Ram to use now, thanks to my Dad :-).

On a totally different note, the weather here in my part of the country is awesome! We are sitting in the mid to upper 70’s today, my peach and plum trees are coming out , and I feel so happy to be out of the cold.


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