Vista update

Well, so far – three days into this OS I am finding out some things I do not like. So, I will make the infamous “list”  –

1.  I do not like that in Vista one can not simply burn CDs of music, I mean legally bought music! You have to have a certain kind of software ( which I do, Nero) and then you have to go get another file called “burning rights” software! Which I did then get, only to be told afterwards that it is not compatible with Vista. I spent about 2 hours last night trying like mad to get legit music I bought and paid for down to disk!

1a. When you think you are burning to a CD, and it looks like you are, beware…. you are actually making a temp disk, even if you have already used this CD and its not rewritable, Vista treats all CDs as if they are just great big floppies!  Bad move Microslave, I was very cranky when I finally realized this.

2. You have to get administrator rights to do anything on Vista! The Help files are anything but.

I really think I am reverting back to XP, and the main reason is this –  Microsoft thinks that they have been given the rights to be the Worlds Big Brother, and I for one have no time in my ever shortening life to give such rights to a corporation!


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