How interesting is this?

Yesterday evening, as I was pouring over my emails, I saw a address with the .gov on it, and immediately thought, oh no, what have i done to gain the .gov email? Silly me, it was not the IRS or department of something or other, as I had feared ( I am a bit fearful of .govs as they never seem to bode well for other folks i know 🙂 Instead , it was from the Office of the Governor of the great state of CA! Imagine my surprise, I had written an email some two weeks or so ago to the Governor, but really had not expected to hear back. This email asked that I submit more information to them concerning my Child Support case to the office in writing, yes….. i have to do it the old fashioned way, on actual paper with an actual pen. Not a problem, just have to get a refresher course on how, no only kidding.

I will post more on this subject after I have written the letter, and who knows…. maybe this is a turning point in this whole disaster.


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  1. kystorms
    Nov 17, 2006 @ 16:05:21

    today is November 17th 2006 –
    As of today, there is still no legal activity on my child support case, this makes the third time there has been a gap of major time, payments were made up to November 14 of 2005, they stopped my total arrears went from 141.00 back to the amount that was taken off my case erroneously in May and August of 2005 was then put back on my case in February of 2006 after I complained enough to them in thier Accounting Department.
    So, starting today, I will make myself a big pain in thier butts, this is enough playing around.


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