Godaddy fixes WordPress issues, thank goodness.

I am now up and running, hopefully you are too ( if you too were down like I was). I got all my plugins back in my little folders as well. I need to make a backup of my files, just in case this happens again.


Godaddy is killing me here!

So- some time during the after midnight hours, the WP databases (??) at Godaddy went rouge. I can not access any of my blogs on Godaddy that run Word Press. And the biggest story to hit * Robert Scoble being taken off Facebook for trying to download his own contacts * is roaring through the web like a plains fire. Damn.

They initially told me at 7 am est that it would be four or five hours, but they did not expect it to be any longer….. uh huh. This time when I spoke to the Customer Service man, he said he could not give me a time frame for it being fixed, just that they are working on it. What kind of ticks me off is, the first call I placed to CS Rep at 7 am resulted in my having to delete some WP plugin’s at the mans direction…… now, if your going to be working in a Customer service area of a company, any company; seems to me that it would behoove ya to know something about your product your providing support for.

So, I wait… and I am missing readers who are seeing GOD KNOWS WHAT when they try to access my blogs. I dont even see any kind of landing page when I try to get into the blogs, they just hang and then a php download downloads and asks to be opened on my side.


edit @11:40 am –

Okay, did a small test because in my mind I am not entirely sure they know what is up with my blogs ( and supposedly other folks WP blogs) so I went and set up a new subdomain on which I put Word Press…. and it let me do it! Seems to me, if your having issues with a services you offer then don’t let folks upload the broken service until ya fix it!