Chris Pirillo loves his iPhone….

So, check it out.. a few weeks ago we were treated to a wonderful video on how Chris Pirillo was “not” in love with the idea of getting an iPhone, but now we see this has changed. When I saw the video he made of the day he actually got the phone from his wife… I thought “oh oh”! If my husband had looked at me with that face, I know I would be paying for it later 🙂 But now we get to hear how he has , as he said in his video, he has seen the light!

Check out his video with his new found admiration of the iPhone –

and the post his post here. See I knew he was going to love it, who could resist this glorious gadget? Its awesome, its pretty, it looks fun to use. I want it just because of all it does, I probably would not use it as a phone all that much. But from listening to Chris talk about the different things “it can do” as a phone, I am once more impressed. I have fallen in lust once more.

On other topics – I have been off from here for a long time. Busy trying to get involved with a fan club. Word to the wise, if you have RL, don’t even think about being able to be involved in a fan club unless its your own! That is a learning lesson I will not soon forget, fan clubs are mini Washington DC’s, with all the nasty business, as well as all the wonderful people who went into it with all the best of intentions only to watch it go down with no results to speak of. What did I learn from this experience? I learned I will never make it as a politician, ever!

But as I was muddling through that whole experience I did have chances to see some new stuff in geekland, one of which is the themes gadget called iGoogle skins that Google has made available to us! It allows you to make your own, use others and switch between the standard ithemes from Google and the user created themes. They might want to work on the issue of the theme gadget not shutting down properly, when you tell it you want standard themes to run it will open back up with the user theme you had on previously.

This last five months have been an awesome adventure for me, I learned I can run Linux * thank you Ubuntu for that realization* I learned I can understand when Chris Pirillo is speaking about some new gadget, and I also learned that each day brings a new gadget for me to play around with and that is COOL!


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