Gov claims P2P are threat to National Security


I think its high time we get all those aged , ner do well’s out of Congress and get it back to where it belongs, serving the people…. you are wasting my tax dollars on this sh8t when you should be reining in the little king in the No color house!

Seems Congress, bless their  hearts ; believes that the software used for P2P is a threat to National Security.

First of all, what security?

Second of all… as many of the folks who commented on the post at ZDNet asked…. why is a person who is working in a secure facility able to get access to P2P software? Is it that easy to download without watchful eyes to a Government PC? And is it that easy to access documents and files without a clearance?

NO, the answer is it  is not. And if it is that easy to obtain than boy howdy are we all in a world of hurt!

I see the Gov trying to lock the net up tighter than a drum, because the information is so easily obtained now via the internet. How can they possibly sell you a pack of lies if you can turn right around and find the truth here? There is no way that secure computers have access to download any program period, without prior authorization from a higher up.

What Congress needs to worry about is how laptops with Service men and womens records keep disappearing, that is a problem!

Who is the watchdog group in charge of the Congressional Circus anyway?


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