“The KOME spot on your dial”~ trippin down memory lane

So, I have been suffering a meltdown of sorts…….. the kind of meltdown that is accompanied by what I hear is an Epiphany……. and this I will discuss later.

And so… now a trip down memory lane.

This is only going to make sense to anyone who lived in San Jose California and the surrounding Bay area up to 1998! If you saw my title and it rang a total bell for ya, then 1.your my age or near abouts and 2. you were a bay area brat… a KOME fan.

Let me take you back to my early days…. lets say 1979 in Sunnyvale California. On your radio were two stations… if you were a teen , KSJO and KOME. That was it. If there were others, I did not know about them, my dial never moved from 98.5 …ever! And you were always greeted with the following —-

“Don’t touch that dial, it’s got KOME on it!”

Catchy aint it?

No, my Mom was not a fan of that… so I hid it from her for a while, but soon it was all mine and no one including my parents could take it from me. KOME was my youth, my inner me on the radio. They were so much more than music.. they were friends at parties, they were concerts where you not only attended but you were “part of it” like blood is a part of your body.

The DJs were the best… we had some of the most memorable of DJs anywhere in the country. Shock Jocks? Forget Howie Stern, we had Dennis Erectus, and the boy got into more trouble. But he was part of KOME, part of us! I could regal you with a few calls I had with him on air… but ummm no.

The list of DJs who made such an impression on me , Greg Stone * StoneTrek*, Geno Michelini, Laurie Roberts, Young Billy Vega, Kelly Cox, Jeff Blazy….. and on and on and on…………………….

Music was a huge part of my soul, of who I was and who I am now.

I can’t think of a memory that is not attached to a song that played on KOME, not one. When my kids were born, KOME was there, when I was working nights for a week straight doing inventory at the Savon’s on Halford and El Camino in Santa Clara, KOME kept me company all night.

So, imagine my sorrow…my total misery at hearing back in 1995 that “someone” sold my station and put my letters away! No more KOME on the dial, no more memories being made. No more music at KOME EVER!

How did the youth of the Bay area let this happen? Did no one protest this? I mean… KSJO was alright but to choose them over KOME my god people!

Some one who told me  two things……

1. GROW UP! – I am not 25 any more they told me…. I now answer them with this ….feck off. I am as old as I feel….age is nothing but a number. Where is it written.. your X age now… so stop being who you were!?

2. KOME was politically incorrect on so many levels….to which I loudly reply….. So is this ADMINISTRATION… but we don’t see anyone retiring them!

I went searching for all things KOME… and found the following

KOME – website

* has tons of pictures to satisfy and the best stories… like the infamous Turkey Drop…. must read if your a fan… and have not already tripped over this site.

The Blazy Show – KOME Reunion

And… now the link for the radio station that now holds my dear numbers…

KFOX 98.5 with the ever lovable Greg Khin ( who just celebrated his B-day yesterday) Laurie Roberts, Tim Jeffreys, Chris Jackson, Greg Stone, Billy Vega, Karin Nakamura, and Zeb Norris. So check out my screen shot of my desk top… the only memory I have left to me now…. * many thanks to a new friend in the bay area for the sticker *

this is my pc ‘wall’ and my Compiz Cube –kome2.png mykomeubuntudesktopwall.pngkome3.png

Why can’t this be changed anyway.. I mean is it set in stone… NEVER AGAIN will you hear KOME rocking your head via radio? If you were to suddenly be able to be back in the past… and could protest this whole stupid move, what would you do?

oh well.. this whole thing is just part of that meltdown I mentioned before…. mid life crisis i guess but what if nothing is set in stone… what if… wouldn’t you want KOME back again?

Tell me people… how did you feel about it? What do you think now, could it be brought back to the air?

I read the call letters still exist…..<hint, hint>


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob Lilley
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 16:35:30

    Got a huge kick out of your post. My, those were the days, weren’t they. Never thought they would end. The Bay Area was always such a hotbed for great music and radio. WHA HAPPND?
    Luv YA!


  2. Ted Barry
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 22:47:19

    Well, if the station is unable to come back, wouldn’t it be nice to canvas the internet for all the cassette tapes of live broadcasts people still have? They could then be digitized and put on the net for download.

    If someone could spearhead this and kome up with a website that would allow uploads or have someone collect the tapes. It’s not too difficult to transfer tapes to CD. I know how to do it, as most tech savey people do today.


  3. kystorms
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 04:19:19

    hey Ted,

    I have started a new blog for the KOME effort – http://kome-rocks.santacruzdreamz.com/

    please check it out and join the effot to bring back the KOME sound



  4. Eric Park'
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 01:54:13

    Everything you said is what I feel. I grew up in San Jose, graduated Y.B.H.S. class of ’80, moved to East Bay, been there since until 2009. Now I’m living in Indianapolis, IN. I feel alone in my fond memories of the KOME staff, most of all DENNIS ERECTUS. I tell my friends about him, arch enemy Johan Schmidt, oversized stalker Large Marge, fortune teller Swami Erectus, Wreck a record, “Don’t touch that dial, stupid, there’s KOME on it”, “KOME is number ONE! How can you say that? I am not afraid!”, etc.!Sometimes I get looks of disbelief as I smile about those good ol’ days!
    KOME is gone and Dennis is nowhere on the airwaves (and I do so much hope he gets well soon and I wish him the best.) These are some out of a few things that kept me in the Bay Area which are no longer there. Only what’s in my memory and what little I can find on the internet. THANK YOU!


  5. ceadderman
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 04:15:50

    Man, I used to cover all my things in KOME stickers.

    My Realistic 8Track was completely covered except for the faceplate. My dad hit the yard arm when he saw it. lol

    and on the AM dial KFRC and the late great Dr. Don Rose. Those were the days.


  6. lumal
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 11:16:41


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