I want the iphone too! :-(

My my….. this phone is just so gorgeous! I saw the preview the other day on CBS morning show……. and I could not believe how badly I wanted that phone! Like… as bad as I want * no,lust after* the 32 inch LCD at the local store.

I normally laugh at folks paying high dollar for the tech goodies right out of the gate…. you know they will come down if you just wait, right? But when I saw all this phone could do, all it had………..my little heart just melted.

Video, my flickr photos…my music! What else does one need?

So, I am all about saving my money until I can afford, at 500.00 that is a tad pricey for me right now, but oh, if I could afford it now; I would have it sitting here on my desk instead of lusting over on the web,

Scobleizer has a post about being in line at the Palo Alto store along side some of the elite of the web (Zooomr. Smug Mug. TechMeme.) and there will be a podcast up later of conversations he had with Bill Atkinson, Apple’s first software developer. And you can check out Mr.S. Flickr page for pics of the line as well and his Kyte.tv channel, which sort of makes you feel like your in Palo Alto in line.

Other discussions on the topic of the iPhone ~

My Way News

Think Secret

Yahoo News – iPhone supply may not meet demand

just found this great video on Jason Calacanis website *Calacanis.com* about the wonderful, gorgeous, iPhone…

and the comments on this post are helpful to read as well…. always good to hear all sides about a product!

More when I have time to post here…….. now… back to my ‘other’ life as a fan of Jericho!

Don’t forget  by the way, that the show begins reruns of the first season on July 6th, and new episodes this fall ( date unknown at this time) , so come watch the show that the fans saved with nuts and a lot of love!


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