The pure joy of Blogging.

It is Sunday, again. Really wonderful how these Sunday’s just keep rolling around back to us, all free of charge.

Sound like I am tad bit tired? I am, but its a good tired. I have been writing to all my blogs, keeping myself real so to speak. But there is this feeling like something is missing, and I am not really sure what it is. I remember why I began this blog. I wanted a place to put the real me, the person not too many people will ever get to know.

I think I have been successful, but lately the blogs have become sort of a job. Now, don’t get me wrong here… there is no income coming from any of them, well none that I wish to brag about. I mean ‘like a job’ in the sense that I have been saying ” I have to…” alot lately.

When I began this blog, everyday was a joy to come here and write. It was exciting to see how many folks had come to read * I was amazed when my post about the Bravo Channel Most Scary Movie’s took off like a rocket, and I still get people who come and read, almost a year later! * and I loved when someone left a comment. Interaction is great.

I am trying to see what it is that changed in my life that has made me not feel this joy so much any more. I know lots of people who do this in hopes of striking it rich, and boy would I ever love to make a living at this; but that is not what its all about. For me, its about this special place, my own place where no one tells me what to think or feel, or what to put down.

Hmm, makes me sound a bit childish, but then that is also part of the attraction. Blogging makes one almost ageless, unless we make a comment that shows our age * admitting a crush on Shaun Cassidy for instance*

Well, until that joy comes back in full, I am off again to see what has taken place at the CBS Jericho forums, and elsewhere.

Until I return, love one another ~ peace.


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