Ubuntu Update June 14th

Well, I have to admit this right off the bat…. I have redone my pc a few times since I have been a solid Ubuntu user, but let  me clarify why.

Seems that there is a HUGE amount of learning to be done for things beyond the early steps one takes with using a computer. Feisty is a great setup, and 99 percent of what I needed was easily found in the synaptic area, or in automatix. But there were some things that needed tweaking, such as the real player so I could watch Jericho online , and I quickly found out one does not just set up programs willy nilly…. you have got to know what belongs where, and what will or will not work with what. Lots of whats huh.

I am still completely in love with this operating system, its all I could ever ask for and more.

But I need the damn book so I can learn how to move a file from here to there, or how to navigate to your different folders in the terminal, arrrrrrrrrrg that is driving me nuts. And I hope that for the next distro, I think its called; that they figure out a way to  upgrade from the CD without losing all your data.

What do I love the most about Feisty Fawn?

Ummm the eye candy takes the cake! I have so many choices on what I can have running for my desktop…… its mind boggling. Can you tell how much I love using Beryl? Even when that is off, my desktop is gorgeous!  Oh, and the music player Amarok…. too cool. It sets my files up for me all nice and neat and even gets my album covers, how cool is that?

What do I like the least about Feisty Fawn?

That they cant send me a free book 🙂 Yup, that is it.

Funny thing is, I sit here and work everyday on my most loved project * Jericho on CBS* and I wonder how in the world everyone who owns vista, that hard drive space sucking monster does not know about Ubuntu and if they do, why in the world are they still using Vista?

I worry about Vista users, I think they need intervention.

I will be popping in here as much as time allows me to, as Jericho is now more of my time than when it was cancelled. I am thrilled that my show is back, but now its up to us the fans to get this baby promoted to the folks who have not viewed before, and most especially to the Nielsen families.

I have a few thought rambling around about where I want this blog to go, I am thinking of asking a few friends if they would like to guest blog for me for a bit, it would be refreshing to not hear about Ubuntu or Jericho here I know.

I will be back in a day or so with some of my ideas, see you all then!


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