Owning more than one blog is NUTS :-)

Wow, I have been trying to like a crazed person to keep up on all my blogs, ever since the May 17th cancellation of Jericho by CBS. This whole move by the fans has been a awesome thing to be involved in. Imagine yourself swept away in a History making move like this? Its hard to let  go off, even for a few moments.

I find myself opening like 20 tabs in Firefox ( thank god for Firefox) just to have my blog Jericho~On~CBS open, the CBS Forums open, the various news blogs such as Find The Boots open, all to be able to be on top of any new information and what the flow of conversation is at the moment.

If you want to see history in the making, go on over to either my blog or the online forums, and if you are a fan, please join and help out!


And what is just as cool as this move I am involved in * and that I love so much* is the fact that I actually met another Ubuntu user, who was experiencing the same problems viewing Jericho on CBS site using real player as I was! I was able to get them over the Ubuntu boards for what I feel is a great community of help!

Speaking of Ubuntu, still love my box now…. I mean love! This is almost a religious experience for me now, LOL! Have you tried it? Want to get away from Microslave? Vista killing your machine? Go over to Ubuntu.com and try out Feisty Fawn today, you can either download a ISO and start right now, or you can order a FREE DISK which takes about three weeks to get. I recommend doing that, its better all the way around unless you are like a total geek 🙂

And yes, you read correctly, the whole system is FREE!! And the help you get from the community is also FREE! No call costs for Tech support, there are so many folks over there who are so great at getting you exactly what you need for what ever problems or questions you have. Also, its great that when you post about Ubuntu, other users will find you and help as well.


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