greeting from a blogging ghost :-)

I know, been away…. but it was for a great cause!

I have been working my little typing fingers to the bone over at the other blog Jericho~On~CBS

* not a word press blog I am afraid*

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in the biggest internet movement for a television show in HISTORY!

Check out these sites for the dish, and if you are a fan who was unaware that CBS decided to cancel Jericho, please go the petition here, and sign it! The names as of now total 91,986 names. On May 16th we had 5949 names!

IN the space of just 14 days, there has been 158,000 pages of content made with the search terms “save jericho” in them! Every day that online total grows, and I have not even been tracking the other possible terms such as “CBS cancels Jericho” or “NUTS Campaign”

Don’t know about the NUTS campaign? Oh, that is something else, as of now the nut retailer Nutsonline has shipped 18,127 pounds of Nuts to CBS , and there are still 7678 pounds to get shipped! Check them out, its wild!

There have been thousands of calls logged into CBS phones, and just as many emails and letters from the fans who are upset over this move by CBS to show more reality down our throats.

Have you seen what they ( CBS) want to have us watch now? Kids Nation, go to the CBS website and check this show out, I cant see how they will get away with this thing, frankly sounds like child abuse to me.

The CBS forum for Jericho has been a hotbed of activity over the last 14 days, if you want to see what other fans are saying and doing then check out the CBS Jericho Boards.

I know some have been saying that we are getting a tab worked over wrought about the show, but honestly; it boils down to this-

Do you want the major networks to just keep cramming s**t down our throats, all the while making tons of money from advertising off of you watching habits? Do you not think it is time to end all the reality shows, * sorry to fans of AI, and DWTS – but I have had my fill and frankly they stink* and give us back come control in what we see. After all, Its my butt that pays 150.00 a month to even have access to CBS, ABS, NBC and the like.

CBS made some huge errors when taking into account who was watching, leaving out of the tally of viewers those who download the show on XBOX, and iTunes, as well as not counting those who used DVR, TiVo and the like.

Did you know that ratings are based on just a small fraction of Nielsen families who then in turn are said to represent you the viewer?

Go over to, and see all the information concerning this, and you will see that this is a large group of people who simply have had enough and want to take back control over what we see on our televisions.

Oh, and the stars of Jericho have left some really nice letters to us concerning our efforts, if you are a fan its so worth going on to the boards to see them.

I will be back later this evening with a video made of todays 10,000 shipment to CBS , it will be great 🙂


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