Don Imus – freedom of speech or freedom to be an idiot?

All I am going to say is this, think about the little children who have now heard your words, do ya think that maybe , just maybe the children cried just abit? I do not care about adults who can stand up for themselves, defend their rights. I only care that someone in a position of authority ( such as yourself) was let ( yes, I mean let) to say what you did, and for all intents and purposes, you have gotten away with it.

This cycle of behavior leads to others doing the same, all in the name of “Freedom of Speech”. Now in my other discussions on this type of bad behavior ( see my discussions on Westboro Baptist Church) I had to admit that to take away these rights to say what ever one wants, leads to taking away freedoms for us all.

That does not, and never will mean that I condone it. And while Westboro to my knowledge has never made children cry ( they probable have, who knows, but I have not heard of it…. yet) I do know that lots of children were listening to your show, because their parents were listening. And you may have made small children feel bad about who they are, because of your words you may have made someone cry.

Shame on you Don Imus. I used to respect you. Now, you seem to me to be just a sad old man who can no longer control his bodily functions, ie – his mouth – brain connection.

For what it is worth, IMHO – you should be fired, period.


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