Violence on the Internet


What is the above about?

Yesterday when I had a post all planned out to decry the War ( I was getting my 60s inner child and letting her come out and play for a bit) and demand President Bush step down, I for some reason went to Scobleizer to check out whether he had any posts of interest for the day. What I read at his blog was horrid, as mind numbing as any war violence, in fact even more so because this is one person hurting another for NO REASON at all. He has a post that he will be leaving in its position at top for the week, concerning a friend of his who has been the victim of a crime of violence.

In an effort to not exploit this persons private life anymore than it already has been, I will not post her name, but you can get the facts of this crime here at Robert Scoble’s blog, where he lists the basics of the story and links to further info.
Please read the post I am linking to, and if you feel you have any helpful suggestions that we as members of the Blog Community can work with to stop this, let me or someone know! I was told once the we bloggers are a powerful force, able to effect change in any corner of the world and any situation; if only we would exert ourselves for it. This means we need to talk about the topic of violence being done via the dark corners of blogs, communities, boards you name it. Is there an answer? Not one that we can implement right now, other than to turn these people ( I use that term for lack of a better one) into the law enforcement agencies. I am a bit scared that as this behavior grows, we will begin to see people asking for some type of web ID, and that leads to censorship in my mind.

Today, one can literally say anything one wants to anyone they wish, and have not too much fear of reprisal, either the person being hurt does not want to deal with the issue any more, or they have no idea that they “can deal with it. Most people do not understand that threats of violence via the internet is still illegal threatening, same as if I were to walk up and spew hate speech on some person on the street.

To the person who suffered through this crime –

I only know you via your posts on your blog. I recall the first time I read a post you wrote called “what you do affects what you think” and I commented on it here.

This was the first time I really saw that blogs were for more than mere talk, that the internet, and blogs were for discussions , where the exchange of ideas could lead to learning. I learned something from you that day, and on other days when I came back to your blog and read other posts you put up. I sincerly hope that you will not end your postings, your blog gives to the world in a healthy way. I am so sorry for you that someone had to feel the need to become a predator, and choose you as their victim.

I pray that you will see how much you obviously mean to the whole blogging community .

Addon – My apologies for not stating where I got the above graphic from, that was an unintentional slip of the mind ( I am old, older than dirt 🙂 The graphic was supplied most graciously by Ron at, you can get your own there as well to show support.


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  1. content writer
    Nov 17, 2009 @ 15:46:11

    thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.


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