The Good Google giveth and taketh away………..

Well , today I saw over at Engadget that the rumored ( I will have to get used to using that word in my posts whenever it is about a new tech gadget) Google Phone seems to be a pipe dream. So, we get a nice new desktop with pretty themes, but probably lose a potentially great phone. I see why they may nix the idea at Google, it would not be a great idea to go out in battle with so many other phones already fighting each other for customers. It was such a  nice idea, though. I would love to see the whole world filled with Google Ideas, products. Funny that I hate Walmart and Microsoft for the same reasons, they have taken over the world.

But I don’t like them because I do not like thier business principles, practices and products.

At least in Engadget’s post about the Google phone, it was stated that Google did not come out and deny the whole idea completely.  I wonder what the next idea ( rumored or not) Google has will be?


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