Google does it again, they gave me graphical happiness!

This change from Google is awesome! I am one of those people who needs to have colors and graphics to make my work day strong! I opened Google to my personalized homepage this morning to find that I could now have the beach right there at my fingertips! And if I feel the need to change that view ( and those who come here regular and see how often I change my template here know this of me) I can change the theme to something that fits my mood! I hope they make many more themes, the choices are great so far, but Google I want more!

The beach is nice, because the view changes with your local time, from night to day 🙂 Is this a cool feature or what? Google never misses a beat.

If anyone at Google is reading this blog, I will happily clean bathrooms for the pleasure of working with your company! <hint, hint>


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