Who is number one on Technorati?

If you don’t know, do not worry there is a list at Technorati of the most linked to ( top 100) and also the list of most favored blogs. If you aim to be on those lists, you had better get at least 3500 blog links, or over 100 people joining your blog.

This list is really interesting, because it shows what you the blog owner should be aiming for. You can see who links to you, how many links there are to your blog, who has favored you and so on.

I learned about this feature on Technorati from a post on John Chow Dot Com, in the post – Commenting Your Way to the Top .

One great way to get more exposure, according to John is to be more visible and vocal on other folks blogs, in other words…. comment. I like that people come here to my blog and comment, makes me feel that someone besides myself reads my work. Commenting on others blog makes it so that you are being opened up to a world of readers who might otherwise never find out about your blog. But another idea of John’s on how to get what he calls “maximum benefit” out of comments on other blogs, is to try to be first to comment on a post, (if you are after traffic). He refers to the BIG blogs ( or like they say in Texas, the Big Dogs of blogging) as those who hold the potential of helping your numbers grow, and this is where I began this whole post, talking about the Technorati’s top 100 blogs and most favored blogs! John also mentions that track-backs are a way of being noticed if the blog happens to divide its comments from its track-backs. I personally like to use the track-back, it feels more official some how 🙂

Another interesting piece of info I picked up today from Technorati was this great article on Engadget about a Solar- Hydrogen House, the interesting thing I got from this post was that the state of New Jersey helped pay the homeowner , buy giving them a grant. Did you know there are grants for retrofitting your house to hydrogen and solar? I did not. * mental note to self, read more on hydrogen homes* The cost was ( $500,000) and the savings to the owner, assuming he has a$400 a month electric bill before he goes H powered, would be 4800.00 a year, making his money back in 100 years. But, the homeowner has no electric bills , that is right….zero! And even more important, he and his family leave no footprint from electric use.

Want to know more? Head over to Engadget’s place, where you can read about killer new keyboards, huge ass televisions, and oh so much more.



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