Something in the air

I have changed my header pic, this is my home, where I have always always wanted to go back to. If you have had the privilege of having been able to be in San Francisco, or to have lived there you are blessed. If not, you have to go! This is the most beautiful city in the world, bar none.

I have been checking out the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, after having seen the co-author on Montel Williams yesterday. Much of what was said made sense. I think that projecting goals is important to being successful. My goal is simple in nature, get back to California. This goal is hardly simple in reality, the cost will be huge! I have come to see that I am going to need a minimum of $20,000 to get me through the first 6 months.

Am I dreaming? No, I do not think so. Someone needs me to be back there to help her, tomorrow is a court hearing to determine her future and I feel crappy that I can not be there. But I have hopes that in the next few months I will be with her, and that I can help turn this raw deal she was dealt around.

Let me tell you something, if someone really wants to be rid of you, it is doable. Be careful who you give your life over to, because along with marriage comes the risk of being treated like yesterdays garbage; lied about and damaged almost beyond repair. This family member did not deserve what happened to her. I have to have faith that God is watching over her, and that her antagonist will not get away with what they have done to her. On Montel’s show, it was said that if one approaches life ( and goals in life) as a dark highway across the country, where in the  dark one can only see about two hundred yards or so in front of you in  your headlights, you can accomplish what you dare. Just take it 200 yards at at a time, instead of focusing on the whole goal ( or problem) at one time. So, this is what I am trying to do.

I get so mad when I think of someone who has done nothing but good for others her whole life being taken advantage of, hurt this way.I would like to kick the living daylights out of her antagonist, but for two obvious reasons I can not. I sure do not want to spend any time in jail over this person, nor do I want to have God thinking I am trying to do his Job again, we all know how shitty a job I did last time.

I wish my family member could come here and read this, so they can see someone loves them, and is trying so hard to find a way of fixing this.


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