Tell me is it time to get down?

Battleflag By Lo- Fidelity Allstars (featuring Pidgeonhed)

Something about this song fits my mood big time right now. I am pissed off but am being told I am nuts to be pissed off, that what I am pissed is my problem! ( No one else would be so upset over this, its normal! ) Who knows, maybe it is. Anyway, the first three lines are the best , maybe I don’t get the true meaning of them, but to me they say it all baby –

Your construction
Smells of corruption
I manipulate to recreate

To all the peeps out there who do certain things  to someone, and then blame that person for reacting in the way you hoped they would, touche! There is only so much control to be had in the normal human beings’ mind, after that what happens happens.

C ya


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