Taking Risks…. a post at JohnChow.com.

For the last few days, I have been reading and re-reading the posts over at John Chows Blog – and tonight this post title ” Everyone Should Take More Risks” really got my attention because I am in the process of learning to be a risk taker. I am not talking of the idiot moves of my youth, those that were not well thought out, or had any real future outcome other than pain. I am talking about stepping out in faith, with the knowledge that one can actually make a plan and go forward and act on that plan.  The post was actually about another blogger – Matt , owner of Take More Risks.com, and I am quickly learning that when John Chow makes comments such as he makes in this post, it would behoove me ( us) to go one over and read the blog in mention as well. So, off I went. I actually try to make a practice of going to as many new blogs as I see mentioned, in hopes of finding new information. I am in the learning stage of this whole business, and these folks are my “teachers” in a manner of speaking. One of the posts I found most informative (to me) was Matt’s post  ” Know your rights with Adsense? You have none.” That title alone makes you want to know what he knows that you don’t know! He has another post entitled – “I now officially refuse to check my Adsense earnings” where he speaks of the waiting done , the waiting that keeps other creativity and productivity at bay until Adsense returns are seen to be improving. I know that feeling, I keep checking my account, do not see much change ( would not know what the changes mean if I did see some), but I too have decided to stop checking each day, and at least keep it to once a week … for now.

As for Mr Chows Blog, I see many blogs each day; I try to cram as much from each of them as I can, and most times I do not return because there may only be the one good post.On John’s blog there is a post I can learn from each day.At least for myself, being a newbie is sometimes overwhelming, we get stars in our eyes thinking of the great riches we will one day be enjoying, the fantastic fandom from being the next stellar writer on the net. John brings me down to earth, without totally killing off my dreams. He gives me solid info I can go search on further and he speaks to me in a style that is devoid of the “I am a big blog star” language some other bloggers use. I always come away from his blog with the feeling that I can learn this, and even make my dreams a reality.


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