Senate fails to get needed 60 votes

Ok, now after wasting a perfectly good Saturday when they knew they were going to fail to get the votes, the Senate failed to get the 60 votes they needed. This vote was ” a procedural decision” CNN states ,about whether or not the Senate should go to a final vote on the resolution to show “opposition to Bush’s plans to get more soldiers in Iraq.

In other news from CNN concerning Congress and the Middle East, is this report concerning Murtha who hopes to put restrictions on the $100 billion that he has asked Congress to approve for use in the Iraq war and also in Afghanistan. Seems Democrats want to add provisions to make it harder for Mr Bush to get his 21,500 extra soldiers that he wants to send to Iraq.

Representative Murtha (D-RA) said that he wants to include into the measure a requirement that any troops that do get deployed to Iraq  “meet formal Army readiness standards” (funny, would have thought that that was done already, do we actually send our men and women to Iraq BEFORE they are fully prepared?) Speaker Pelosi has said that she “fully supports Rep Murtha’s proposals.

Mr Bush says he will go ahead with troop buildups “regardless of nonbinding expressions of disapproval in Congress” 

Now that is what I do not like hearing, my President stating that he will do as he sees fit, no matter what Congress or the American people think, anyone else questioning his behavior yet? So, the fact that Congress and Senate sit and vote on this and vote on that, means nothing to him, why have a Senate then?


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