New Template for WP and color too

I love when I learn something new 🙂 I got this nifty info from Solo Technology and since I love C O L O R this will be fun to play around with. I don’t recall seeing this info on the front of wordpress, but since I have only been here since late September, I could have missed it.

Seems that if you go into the post editor, and the hit alt-shift-V, you get to see another portion of the editor, where you can choose color for fonts, paste from Word or another text editor and some other nifty things such as inserting a custom character in to your post.♥ 

Cool huh? I thought so, color for me really kicks my creative butt into overdrive.


I think this will help so much with emphasis on my blog topics, but I have to wonder why I do not see others using it? Could it be that it is just to hard to continually hit the color button while posting???


I am also loving this new template, I love to use black as it serves better with photos and such, I just need a better header, which I will shoot myself and then upload later. For now, this looks a bunch better, I think.



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