Over 4 Billion Dollars in cold hard cash shipped to Iraq on pallets by US Government

Yes, you are reading that topic right, 4.4 BILLION DOLLARS right out of the Federal Reserve straight to the Iraqi Government, on pallets that the United States flew to Iraq!

This is according to CNN online report tonight~ “Lawmaker: U.S. sent giant pallets of cash into Iraq”.

According to the report this was money that was from our Reserve that we were baby sitting, some from Saddam H’s banks, some from the Iraqi oil and some from the UN oil for food program.
Here is what I would like to know, how was that much cash moved with OUT anyone spilling the beans to the American Public? We are talking about 363 tons of cash! Not pocket change that fell into the couch cushions.

I want to know that each and every dollar bill was really theirs! And here is a better question, since we have been footing the bill for this little war, how come we are not being paid back out of this cash? It is my tax dollars footing this badly thought out picnic. I think tomorrow I will be writing some letters to my Congressman , demanding to know who was in charge of this and how much of that money was really supposed to be going there? What the hell are any of those in power in our capital doing for us? Where are our jobs? Over seas. Where are the big companies going with the money they make off of my family and others? Over seas. Where is our cash going? Iraq.

Maybe the average man and women, those who do not make a nice billion a year need to get together and make our own oversight committee.

Who is running this lunatic asylum anyway? I hope all Americans know how badly we look to the rest of the world, we look like we are ripe for the picking and we are steps away from being a third world country ourselves.

We take money from education, our kids are below average in math and literacy. We throw the elderly and poor out of hospitals when their insurance runs out. We have countless homeless in LA alone. And we are sending cash that is rightfully ours ( bought by American blood, sweat and tears) to the very people who are trying their damndest to kill our soldiers? And what about the injured soldiers? I am quite sure that thier families would be very happy to get some of that 4.4 billion to help with medical expenses, in finding that second and third job needed now that dad or mom can no longer work due to injuries suffered at the hands of those Iraqis who got that cash.

What do you think about this?


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