Bad Cartoon Network, Bad!!

Seems that the Cartoon Network was behind the bomb scare we saw on CNN last week! Those pesky cartoons, they are always up to something!

Here we have another example of irresponsible programing and viewer participation ideas, much like the recent Wii fiasco in Sacramento, only this time thankfully there were no deaths or destruction of property ( except what was blown to kingdom come by the Boston Police Bomb Unit).

CNN reports online today that Turner Broadcasting System Inc, and another company; Interference Inc are going to pay the state of Massachusetts 2 million dollars for this little stunt. This is to settle any civil actions that would have been made against them. So what was the stunt?

Seems that someone put little boxes of blinking lights in the shape of a cartoon character giving the bird (yes, the finger, the universal sign of, well ya’ll know what it stands for) There were more than three dozen CNN reports that were left all over the Boston area, in cities such as Cambridge and Somerville. All this for some publicity for a show on Adult Swim called Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which I ; being the mom of five preteens and teens will probably have to watch, uggggggggg.

Funny thing is, I thought cartoons were for ….kids???What are we teaching our kids if we allow them to either be involved with these types of cartoons, or the dumb ass ideas that the people running these networks come up with.


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