I am back !

As you can see, I have not been here since Saturday evening, I have been offline for four days! But Thank God I am back now. Seems there was a broken cable in the city I am near. Couple that with a very severe cold snap as well, and Internet in the mountains comes to a grinding halt.
I thought I would be more antsy about it, and in truth I missed my blogs and email, but it was not the stressful thing it would have been in the recent past. What changed? I heard a great peice of advise that I would like to pass on now, if something has happened and you can’t change it by being upset or angry, why get angry and upset?

Take a deep breath, and simply pass the care you have on to the Good Lord, He can do what I can’t with my anger.

Yes, it works. I have had some days of down time, and have come up with some extordinary thoughts on some subjects ( like my anger at things I cant control) and it makes more sense to me now.

These things I will expound on more when I have gotten through all my emails , probably later today.

Until then everyone, love each other, be good. 🙂


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