Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Well, I finally saw Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and it was really really good. It was not the movie I had expected it to be, the trailers were full of funny highlights. This movie has some parts that are funny, some are sad but the best thing about this movie was , it was full of hope and honesty. God was present in this movie, but until the end it was a subtle presence.

I had soooo wanted Helen’s ( played by Kimberly Elise) husband to pay for what he did, not very Christ like, I know  But he was so darned mean to Helen! ( Yes, I know…. no excuse). But toward the end, when Helen was giving him back what he gave her, well she was not so good a Christian either, she was a human. Her mother, played by Cicely Tyson was great to see again. I have not seen her in anything since the late 80s I think.

Helen’s husband (played by Steve Harris) was the exact opposite of his character on The Practice. The only real reason I know about his character on that show, is that it is on right after Angel in the am. I feel bad that I was rooting for him to get his, I never expected Helen to go a teensy bit of the deep edge for a few days there, she was scary. I can see her point, but I felt bad when he was drowning in the tub. In reality, when you have been run down by someone ( man or woman) there is a time for some of us, when we feel we would/could to something to get back at them. I thank God I have not gone that far against anyone who has hurt me in my life.

Helens mother tells her that to forgive sets us free, to not forgive lets that person we are so angry at have a power over us. I believe this. I am not perfect in this respect, but I work on it daily. I have someone in my life now, who should be the closest person to me, but they hurt me very bad. But I will work to forgive her, for her sake and mine. I only wish it were easy to do, I guess everyone at one time or another has this problem.

If you are looking for a movie that is NOT full of sex and violence, and has a good message at the end and is entertaining, I suggest this one. I was happy I saw it.




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