Youtube users getting ‘napsterized’ by FOX

The Hollywood Reporter online states that FOX is asking for the names of those who apparently uploaded copies of recent episodes of 24 and the Simpsons to Google owned You Tube Video website.The subpoenas were filed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Apparently a user of YouTube identified as “”ECOtotal” is suspected of uploading the episodes of 24 well before its Premier Air Date of January 14th, 2007; with the episodes showing up on the service on January 8th. Some of the Simpsons episodes were from season 7 this reports says, but one dated all the way back to 1990. I personally do not see why FOX is so upset, from what I have seen the few times I have been to the site, the quality of the videos are terrible, grainy and hard to view; you would not be able to watch and enjoy these or want to put them to DVD.

Just my opinion  in any case.


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