Vote This Ass-Clown Out! « paulie cannoli

Vote This Ass-Clown Out! « paulie cannoli

So, you write to you Representative asking he/she support an upcoming bill to legalize Marijuana , and the reply you get is…. thanks for the tip, I am going to send your email to the local police!
No, this is not a joke, this is real people. A Representative in American Government has made this statement. Read the above linked post and the blog away people, blog away! The scary thing is, this man felt safe enough to make such statements! You do not get that feeling of power unless someone has made you think you are! I wonder where in the world a man who has supposedly taught law ever thought he could make such a baseless statement and get away with it, fearing no reprisals?
I wonder also, is there not some law that says it is against the law to file unrighteous reports with the Police? Wonder what they will do with this persons email?

Our Government is getting more and more out of hand, our laws are being stomped into the ground, while new laws, secret courts and the like are becoming more the norm. No one says a thing anymore about all this illegal use of government, where are all the protestors  of the 60s?

Why is the American Public turning a constant blind eye to power hungry idiots in Government?


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