Crack Tax in Tennessee

OK, once in a while I get so lucky ( at least I think so) and I run across a totally delicious piece of news to write about. I hardly know what to start off with, how does one write about a “crack tax”?

So, I was at Technorati to update my blogs, and I see this headline ” Should Illegal Drugs Be Taxed”.
The Article by TIME and CNN, is an interesting and yet totally bizarre read into how states are becoming very inventive about obtaining income.    Apparently, if one in Tennessee, had not obtained the tax tag  properly called  ”  Unauthorized Substance Tax Stamp” and is busted with said substances, well they will end up paying the Tennessee Department of Revenue about 10 times “the original cost” ( of ???. The Department has already sold 726 stamps, but none so far have turned up during busts. The best part for the Department of Revenue is that it has netted the Department 3.5 Million since the tax was enacted!

I might be a bit slow, I am old after all; but is it not aiding and abetting to make a tax for an illegal substance?

Maybe some kindly reader can fill me on what I am missing here, set me straight.

God help us when Kentucky gets wind of this one.


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