School Board Folds After One Idiot Parent Objects to Global Warming Video « Graceful Flavor

School Board Folds After One Idiot Parent Objects to Global Warming Video « Graceful Flavor

I have two things to say, then I will shut up

1. Everybody (whackjob or not) has a legitimate right to speak….that being said – we all have the absolute right to either ignore this person (people) or take what they are saying as fact, and decide whether what they are saying is important and reason for change in policy (school or otherwise)

This Frosty person is a person who unfortunately is very uninformed about what the bible says, and so sheds a poor light on those of us who do take the bible seriously.

2. I am a Physical Anthropologist by training, with much time spent in studying Paleoclimatalogical Data, and in my humble opinion Global Warming is occurring. It should be noted that some in the field are leaning towards this being a natural trend ( I am one of those who think this) a trend that this planet has seen many times during its evolution.This is not to say that we and our behaviors are not exacerbating this trend.

I give Al Gore credit, he is a good man to go as far as he does to help warn us of our destructive behaviors, and as a mom of five school age children I feel that this film and any others on this topic NEED to be shown in the classroom. The school board is making a mistake in letting policy be determined by one, instead of by the majority.

As a Christian, I believe strongly that God wants our children to be educated in the best possible manner, and that will only be done when all thoughts are examined to the full extent that they can be.


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