Contestant’s Death in Radio Station Contest for Wii now Criminal Probe

CNN’s US online report states that the death of Sacramento California Women who won a Radio Contest for the Wii is now being investigated as criminal.

CNN reports that Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday that they were going to open an investigation into the death of the Contest winner, a mother of three who later died of Hyperhydration; after she had ingested seven quarts of water during the contest.

Sacramento Radion Station KDND-FM said that it had fired 10 station employees, including some on-air DJ’s for “Violating the terms of thier employment agreements with the station”.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department later Wednesday said it had decided to open an investigation into Strange’s death.


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  1. kystorms
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 19:26:55

    After having posted this second link to this story, I began thinking that if the radio station DJs were caught on the line saying things about this being dangerous and perhaps even fatal, why cant these same DJs be held in a murder case?
    Just wondering.


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