Hawking says end is near, possibly

I don’t even know how I came across this post, (oh yes it was my Google homepage) anyway I saw this title and had to read (the very word Doomsday draws me like a moth to a flame) The title read ‘Doomsday clock ticks closer to Armageddon’

When I was in my first year of Anthropology, one of the people I came to respect most was a man named Stephen Hawking. I had minor run in’s with his theories in many classes I took. I liked that he seemed to be speaking to a person as though they were important enough to speak to, not at. (Some professors I had loved to talk at you in lecture, an annoying and ignorant behavior I came to hate) I do not profess to understand what Mr. Hawking is talking about, only that I like to hear his ideas, his views on different topics, they make me think.

The article concerns the fact that Mr. Hawking is warning us ( the inhabitants of the planet Earth) that a second nuclear age was upon us as the Doomsday Clock ticks two minutes closer to Midnight ( which is, if I understand correctly, an analogy of how close we are to nuclear destruction). According the the official website of the Doomsday clock, The Bulletin Online; we are now now sitting at five minutes till midnight.

Shame to admit this here, my being an Anthropologist makes it mandatory; we are at the end of our existence. Will it be now, ten years from now, 100 years? Who knows, all I do know is, if we keep going on the way we are we will f**k ourselves right away from the table to be frank.

I do not presume to think I speak for anyone but myself, however I do presume that anyone who comes here to read my thoughts will want to read this. This is our only home, like it or not. Someone ( us ) needs to get their shit together and start making changes, how I am not sure. I do know I am willing to try.


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