Dying to win a Wii?

I have five children, and all of them are always on the prowl for the newest system to play their video games on. We are not rich so most times we have to wait until these various systems come down in price before we can obtain one. If there was an opportunity to win a new system for them, I would say that I would probably do it, as long as the opportunity did not require me to eat lizard guts or jump from perfectly good airplanes. And I know that if I saw a contest where all I had to do is drink water to get a Wii, well I would do it; or rather I would have before today. In California a woman with three children did just that, she joined into a contest, with the hopes of getting her kids a Wii, and she died after winning the contest.

In the San Jose Mercury News, the report states she was found dead after participating in the contest some hours later, the cause of death was listed as water intoxication. I find this very sad, apparently none of the people who were running this contest for radio station KDND-FM in Sacramento California had checked into the type of contest they were running. Seems to me that the radio stations lawyers were not on the ball with this one, let alone the insurance company the station uses.

Now, three kids are without thier mom, and I am sure they would rather her home with them than some game system.


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