Ann Coulter nails Duke case

She has done it again, impressed me beyond belief ( u know it, I am so tired right now 🙂  In her latest post about the Duke Rape Case that was not, she brings up a good point, that these stories of the privileged being at risk lately for these kinds of accusations are on the rise.

I would like to throw something in here though, to me it is more a tragedy that this woman is going to get away with destroying the many cases where a woman did in fact get raped at the hands of some rich and powerful man. I do not care if she may be black , white or green. The point is that it does happen, this attacking the weak ( notice that I did not say any particular color).

The less fortunate have always been at the mercy of any power filled over monetarily imbued person, this is just fact. The other ‘fact’ is that women everywhere, everyday are being molested and I think 80 percent of the time or more, the person who does it, gets away with it.

I would have liked to hear Ann say that while this one woman has lied and should pay for the destruction she has wrought, there are still major issues with this all over our country, and the world. To make fun of the situation is  to bring women back to the early 40s and even the 60s when women were told that we asked for it by our dress, our manner and our background!

Overall, I am beginning to really like Ann’s style, and her presentation of the facts. I suppose that comes from being a lawyer, right?  I plan on checking her out daily.


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