Free Speech is losing its battle even on blogs

Wow, so this evening while I was making dinner, I see that I not only had a comment here on my post about the Koran being used in a swearing in ceremony, I had a ping back……..which I removed. The funny thing is , I had expected to have some come here and tell why they either agreed or not, and that is what this and most blogs are about…. discussions back and forth.

But to have someone leave a nasty comment about white penis, well that is just to much for me.  I cant think of a time where I could be comfortable in leaving such a comment. Sure, call me an idiot, uninformed or even slightly neanderthal for my views; this I can handle. But to go to someones blog and start off with such idiotic comments, well it did not put me into a “Christian frame of mind” to say the least.

The person who commented asked me who I thought I was to say that my God is the better and only God, well have you read the bible yet? Good read, trust me.

I am wondering , what would Ann Coulter say about this? Wish I could email her and ask her, I bet her answer would be interesting don’t you?

Bottom line, this here is my blog 🙂 I get to say what ever I want as long as I do not disrespect any one while doing so, if you do not like what I write then I guess that I can watch my visit stats drop accordingly right?

I wish to have others come and post thier views, so dont think I am saying my view is the only view. I just wont let some male with a penis envy problem get on here and post just for the sake of building his stats.

This is still the United States of America, and my family has always given blood to keep everyones right to free speech, my two sons are doing so right now. I have to think about the fact that one of my boys will be over there in a Muslim country  trying to insure that THEY have the same freedoms, but I can guareentee you one freedom you wont see there, is someone using the bible to be sworn in to some position!


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