blurg has new info on Vanishing Point Game

The game seemed at first to be something new and fun to me, I love puzzles in this format. I was thinking it was like a treasure hunt of sorts ( remember that movie with Nicolas Cage, National Treasure, well that is one reason I am an Anthropologist, I love to find the hidden treasure)

Tonight, the blurg blog has new info on the Vanishing Point Game; seems the first puzzle was solved! I decided that since I have nothing pressing right now , I would go back to the main website for the game and see if I could figure this whole thing out.

I sat down and got all the Lat and Long coordinates for week 1.13 puzzle from the site and put them into Google Earth which was cool. I found that the coordinates for Miami Florida (25 46′ 34.08″ N – 80 7’51.14″ W)are for an area called Lummus Park, and the interesting thing posted on Google Earth is that this is in the area where the Sun Ray Motel, from Scarface was * it is now a burger place called Johnny Rockets Burgers. I never saw Scarface, but I see that in this motel is where Tony Montana meets the Colombians and there is a chainsaw involved!?

The next set of coordinates was for  Phoenix Arizona (33 27′ 43.33″N – 112 4′ 15.73″W) turns out to be a park between I-10 E tunnels 1,3 and 4, just shy of the Arizona School of Fine Arts.

Next is Austin Texas ( 30 15′ 19.01″N – 97 48′ 42.29 W)  which is the Batton Creek Square Mall in Austin. Has such stores as Nordstroms and Sears Eddie Bs. ( not sure what to make of this one)

Next is the coordinates for Sydney Australia (33 47′ 26.99″ S – 151 17′ 14.29″ E) which is a beach area known as North Steyne and Manly Beach. This is supposed to be the home of the oldest club on the beach *surfing clubs* and also just south of there is the Replica of the Bounty that Mel Gibson used in his version of the movie; you can take day trips out there.

Finally we have the coordinates for Los Angeles California ( 34 4′ 26.11″N – 118 21′ 18.98W)which is the Pan Pacific Park area, and just happens to be south of Tu Pac’s house according to someone on google earth who has a copy of his drivers license? The exact area seems to fall between the trails in the Pan Pacific park area just in front of the open air auditorium.

Now, I have absolutely no idea what all these clues mean, hope someone does though 🙂 I would love to hear who figured out the first set of clues and how they did it ( also what it all meant)

If you go to the wiki for the game (here) you find the clues and the answers, which is nice if you do not seriously intend to play, but would rather be a lurker ( sadly like me since I got into this too late).

I see that this is actually a lead in for a new Alternate Reality Game by 42 Entertainment. Also on the wikipage is the time line for this whole thing.

Oh well, still seems tons of fun, I hope to hear more of this soon.


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