I have been Tagged for Five Things

BIG Thanks to Paula Mooney for tagging me for the game Five Things You May Not Know About Me – 🙂

1. I am totally into Dragons, Dragons of Pern to be exact. This love affair began when I was about 12. I would have a dragon in a heart beat, if I could.

2. I love to make beaded earrings, learned when I could not afford to buy them . I have a box full of hex beads that is my personal rainbow of happiness 🙂

3. I grow Redwood trees right here in Kentucky, along with almost any other plant I can get my hands on.

4. I have a secret ( ok not so secret to my family) love for Sean Connery, that mans voice thrills me.

5. I lived in Isfahan Iran before and during the Iranian Revolution, it was a life altering experience.

Now, who can I tag, *she asks herself with an evil grin*………..

1/10/07 addon –

I am sitting here looking at photos on flickr of Kyoto Japan. My son is serving there with the Navy on the USS Kitty Hawk. I had forgotten that my most yearned for thing to do is to go to Japan, to see the temples and  gardens at Kyoto and of course the rest of Japan as well. So , that is really 6 things about me, oh well.


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