Paula Mooney: One Punk Under God

Paula Mooney: One Punk Under God

Check this post from Paula out, today she talked about the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker who has had a documentary made about his journey with the Lord.

I am glad to see that Jay was able to not only come back to God with a real love, but was able to figure out what needed to be done to gather more souls to the Kingdom. I am also truly glad to see Paula mention such great Preachers as T.D. Jakes ( one of my moms favorites) and my favorite of all, Joyce Meyer. Without preachers such as Joyce, Pastor Creflo Dollar and many others who are as great at delivering the word; I would not have made the progress that I have. I simply must thank them; even though I know the real force behind my coming home to be in the fold is God.

Here is a link to Jay Bakkers church as well, if any are interested.

Any how, this is a very good read, so go on over and have a visit with a very talented writer 🙂 and God bless!


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