Congressman Ellison to use Koran at swearing in ceremony

I was all set to go to bed and get some much needed rest, when on Paula Mooneys blog, I saw a post about Pat Robertson and his predictions of 2007 ( this topic is way to heavy for me to talk about right now, I am afraid I may have nightmares so I will discuss tomorrow, but you can read Paula’s post here ) and half way down the post she wrote was a statement that grabbed my attention. Seems that Rep Elect Ellison will be using a Koran to be sworn in with! This is a copy that was owned by the man who wrote our Constitution, Thomas Jefferson; which will be taken out of the Library of Congress for the ceremony and returned right after the ceremony is completed.

What is the problem? I may draw huge fire for this, but I feel that my country was made and given grace by My God, none other. And to use anything but a bible in the ceremony as we are now is changing the historic background of our country. And , seems to me that our freedoms and laws that the Muslim seems to want to take away from me, are the very same that are allowing this travesty to occur!

My country- which does not allow the Ten Commandments in public places or where it is truly needed – in schools. My country- that has asked that we not use Merry Christmas, my country who my sons are serving now. I want my bible given back its place of honor in our country, NOW.
You keep giving these groups the means to bring us down, when you say we can not adhere to, nor use the very laws that made us great!


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  1. kystorms
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 23:55:59

    Rudd- O
    Took your a portion of your comment off here as well as the link….. people will just have to find that “article” of yours another way, not off my blog.
    Next time, try asking if the owner minds your linking to them ( for you, I mind)
    Don’t come here and leave your snide and uneducated comments ok?
    See , the premise of a blog is, I get to say what I want, because it is MY BLOG.
    to answer your questions ( I use the term loosely)
    1. Who ever said Christians God is “The One”?
    Sorry, but my bible tells me to have one God only, and none other….premise of my faith.
    2. Why is my God superior to all others? See number one.*stupid third grade comments on penis is so ignorant, does that talk help you with your supposed computer stuff?*
    3. Unless you either a. did NOT go to school here in the USA or b. were one who did not pay attention during American History… he did start the country, see some folks wanted religious freedoms, left their home country and came here. God was a prevailing person in all the governments dealings for almost 150 years before it became less important to politicians. HINT – get a history book, and READ the part about how the Americans began this country.
    I have a bias, you are darned right I do! Do I feel that one can not come here and practice their religion? Yes, if that religion has a plan for killing my children because they are NOT MUSLIMS!

    I would have loved to have had you leave a comment that was a rational well thought out thesis; however you could not handle that, instead you resorted to ignorant debasing comments.

    I have two sons in the military, I might not see either for a very long time. I had to sit and watch as two buildings I lived around all my young life come down due to Muslim radicalism, now you want to tell my to get rid of my history and let the Koran be used in a government ceremony? Try this one on for size…….. I can’t have my bible in a court house for fear it will offend someone, so what is the problem with my being upset at the Koran being used?
    I will pray tho, that ignorant people such as yourself get into a bit of history, learn the why’s and who’s of this countries history before you come screaming about what I post on my blog!
    If you are not of a mind to agree with me, fine. That is the wonderful part of my country, you get to disagree with me. Just don’t ever come here and leave your idiotic comments, that is a freedom you do not have.
    Now, I suggest you go see someone about that penis envy problem you obviously have, and not come back here again.


  2. kystorms
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 23:58:22

    after reading your “comment” again, I decided to leave your oh so educated words here, so others can see …. hope it helps your cause buddy.
    warning though – come back here and leave that stuff again, and I will delete your comments entirely.
    I happen to believe in free speech, you are getting your one shot.


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