Seems everyone has a blog these days

Today, while checking the up and coming blogs and high ranking comments being made all around WordPress, I saw a post that was eye catching ” A Law Not Even Obeyed by The President”. Well, that sure looked like something I wanted to read, never mind that I did not notice that it was not about “our” President .

So like most people, I clicked the link and went straight to …. an Iranian Blog called Kamangir ( Archer). I do not know if I had ever mentioned that I once lived in Iran from 1977 to 1979. Yes, that is correct, during the years of growth and the emergence of the now popular hatred of Americans, I lived right in the very middle of the country; Isfahan.

( More on this later)

I still wanted to see what the post was really about and read on, only to find that it was a post ( and a good one) about the fact that Iran wants bloggers to register their blogs. Normal controlling behavior for there. Half way down the paragraph I notice the poster menti0ns that Ahmadinejad himself has a blog! Yes, I know the story of the cat and its curiosity – still went to the blog. For some reason I could not fathom; I was just a plain shocked to see that this man had a blog!

It was as if I had stumbled upon Osama B’s Blog!
So I read some of El Presidente’s postings: *warning big load of hoohah coming on*

The posting on the first page was one of congratulations to Americans and Christians on Christmas, calling Jesus a “Divine Prophet”. Ok, no new news there, we knew that Muslims see Jesus as a prophet. EP ( what I will call him from now on)  said of Jesus that he was “a messenger of peace”; raised ” in his mothers hand” and that ( here is funny number one for me) she ( the Virgin Mary) was exalted by God above all other women of the world! Call me silly here, but would not a Good Muslim as he think Mohammed’s mother was up there as well? And, if a woman was exalted of God to such a heavenly place, why do Muslim men feel the need -oops, rights to beat on and depress their woman? ohhhh, I know…. got off track didn’t I.

He ends the paragraph with this – ” The Mother and the Son that in the Divine Sight are reputable and prestigious. And they are positioned by God-The All Wise-at a sublime level”

Now, what I think is too weird is, there are Americans who are posting there ( supposedly) who are leaving comments of support to EP, as well as other cultures. I had to ask myself – what is it; am I nuts – do I not know the real deal with the ‘political climate’ or….. is this Koran wielding little man so clever that he has actually managed to use the Internet for his own gain? The answer is, YES. Will it be effective? Probably not, unless success is going to be measured by how absolutely ridiculous a blog can look. Does this man really think any American will read his posts and say, hey this guy is okay?

Anywho, go on over and give it a read, if for nothing else but to see how the 12th century has meet the 21st century so well 🙂

Oh, and EP? Not that you have asked me, but word of advise to you ; if you are going to write a blog  do not lace it chock full of false American comments that show support for you and your thoughts. Some of us can actually see right through this.

 Disclaimer – I do not have anything what so ever against Iranians in general, I loved the time I spent in that country, I DO have something against hate mongering leaders who try to take historical fact and change it, and who honestly think that to beat and kill women is the OK thing to do.


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