My New Years Resolutions

I have never actually made any formal Resolutions before, as I am the absolute epitome of  procrastination; so the resolutions would never have stuck anyway. But that was before, this is now. And so, without further ado,

My resolutions for 2007

1. To learn to listen better.

2. To be nicer to others, no matter how my day is going, take the time to speak to someone, help someone.

3.Take the time to be me, to let  ‘me’ have time off from stress and worry.

4. To learn more about HTML and CSS ( this I swear :-), I will master these.

5. To be a better writer, one who is more informed and informative, as well as more entertaining.

( I have this dream all of a sudden, of me being a writer of the next great novel 🙂

6. To walk this weight off once and for all.

Well, that sure is alot for me to do in one year…. hope I keep these. I think with knowing that others will be watching me here, that I might just be able to accomplish these resolutions.

Anyhow, to everyone who comes here to read, thank you. I look every morning to see how many hits these pages get, it makes me feel really good to see the numbers. I am enjoying this, being a blogger. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs because I learn so much.


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