just two things

All I want to say is just two things about this, and I will be done.

1. To have been there, at such a momentous and solemn occasion as a human beings death ( reasons not withstanding) is so much responsibility. If you were there for the reasons of marking this occasion as one which your laws required and your fellow country men agreed with; you should not have been dancing around the body!

2. No matter how corny this sounds to anyone who might be reading, my God requires that I forgive. Jesus said to forgive your enemy, bless him and pray for him. 7 times 70. This is the command of Jesus; if one calls oneself a real Christ follower, then do as Jesus said FORGIVE! It is this same unforgiving nature that brought that man to the spot of a rope this morning, have we learned nothing?

Now, the man has paid the ultimate price for his actions, and we are sitting here in America watching all but the last seconds of his hanging on CNN for what amounts to our amusement. And as an extra bonus, we are treated to seeing the body laying on the ground, his face peeking out of his death shroud.

I have to wonder what comes next, the possibilities are endless.


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