Goodnight world :-(

I will leave now, I am tired of waiting to see if the madness will continue. Seeing CNN and the others salivating over this is sickening. I actually feel sorry for him, can you imagine waiting for your death, knowing it is coming and at exactly what time?

And CNN, shame on you…. for being so obvious in your real intent for having a second by second count down. We all know that some part of your organization is just waiting on all hell to break loose, so you can get all of us Americans  to stay glued to the channel!  If nothing else, he is taking his medicine, is he to be humiliated as well on National Television? Remember America, he is not being hung for anything he did to America, but what he did to Iraqis, so why are you so happy?

Now, if this were Osama, maybe……. at least we know what HE did to us.


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