In the Shadows of someone elses American Dreams

I watched some of the report last night on NBC from Tom Brokaw, In the Shadow of the American Dream‘.

It was eye opening to say the least, and shameful. To be able to follow along as some person who is not even from my country goes to get a false drivers licence ( to even see the lady who lives here and makes them) to see him admit he pays taxes with a false number, to hear the owner of Gould Construction say that he can not find natural born citizens take the jobs he offers at 14.00 an hour for labor???? This is getting too ridiculous for words, I would take the damn job!

I looked for the website for Gould Construction, but found none, if anyone knows where this might be, please let me know. I plan on applying for what ever position they have open, surely to god I can do labor; been doing that all my life.

Here is another piece of sweet music to my ears, this is what Mark Gould, President of Gould Construction was quoted as saying;

“Americans don’t want this work,”.

Well, Mr. Gould, I am here to tell you I WANT the work. I will do what ever I have to; to have the job, and I will work hard. Can I call you about this? How do I apply for the job? I have a legitimate SS card, and a legitimate Drivers Lic too. I was born in this country, and where I live now, I can

not find a job. How about letting me apply? I have two hands, two legs, and I have been a mom to eight kids for the last 25 years, so I know how to work hard.

While I am greatful to Mr. Brokaw for his report, I feel that he really did nothing more with it than a slack “see I am reporting what the American Public wants to hear” type of story. Now show us how afterwards  you turned in that family of illegal immigrants, with their false papers and also that woman who made the fraudulent Drivers Licence.

How come the companies who do this don’t try harder to find American workers? I hear over and over, that Americans wont do the dirty work, well…. maybe some Americans wont, but advertise outside your box!

I would have applied and been thankful to have gotten the job.  I am sitting here with an injured husband who can not work, and five of my eight kids still at home. I am in my early 40s, and not one bit scared of dirty hard work, matter of fact I think that one could find millions of women alone who would jump at the chance to have a job right now!

Yes, by the way, I do know what construction work entails, my husband and I ran our own building business, until the builder we worked for decided he could get cheaper labor from the Illegal Immigrants then us, and let us go. We could not go any lower than we did per square foot and still survive, but the 10 Mexicanworkers whom he hired to replace us did. And from what you saw last night if you watched the show, they live 15 or more to one house, all drive one car to work. They can exist on lower than we can, simply due to thier numbers.

And …. my Great Grandparents were from Russia, Poland, Italy and Ireland and NOT ONE of them did it the illegal way, they all did what the law of the land called for them to do!  I recall my Nana going for her Citizenship, she was proud. Why? Because she did it the right way, she earned it.

Illegal Immigration sucks folks, when the hell are we going to stop taking this laying down?  WHen are we  going to realize that the real evil behing this whole thing is Big Business, the Chamber of Commerce? If we look at this from thier point of view, we can see it differently.

1. They are in business to make money, the more the better. So, how do that? Hire the cheapest labor one can, sell your product as high as you can.

2.How does a company do #1? By finding ways to circumvent any laws, or ….. make sure laws are passed that enhance and  enable your company to make  the most money ( ie: Workers Compensation Insurance Laws).

Lou Dobbs of CNN has a show that he calls the War on the Middle Class. It deals with the Illegal Immigration Issue sort of. It is in my opinion nothing more than a easy report on the subject that gets Americans fired up. Its easy Mr.Dobbs to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?


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