Actions not only speak louder than words they influence our thoughts

I was blog surfing again ( I might just be addicted to this form of instant information gratification) and came across a very interesting persons blog, Passionate – Creating Passionate Users. There were many interesting articles there but this one grabbed my attention the most:

What you do affects what you think.

I like that it made sense, and I understand what pretty much what the article was saying, our motions do affect our behavior. I have been searching for a reason beyond my own idiocy, to why some much of my life was so anti self , and I think this research is on to something *as far as my life is concerned anyway*. I wish I had been able to complete my Psychology 101 I enjoyed learning how and why our behavior is linked to our brains. It helps to know that there might just be a way out of situations, if one can correct behavior and thinking.

There are a couple of exercises in this post that I of course tried, and I got the same results as mentioned in the post. Not that I expected not to exactly, just to clarify.

I am thinking that there is a simple “thing” I can do, to get my brain turned back on, and moving in a more acceptable and happy direction. I will have to do more reading on this, I am in great need of explanations of what is wrong with my thought pattern, my decision making; and a means of taking rectifying the situation.


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