Christmas 2006, Santa and NORAD

Well, this year I made it early enough to view the NORAD website for Santa Claus before the Big Guy takes off from the North Pole! You can have a great time reading the history of tracking Santa , and I say thank goodness the Armed Forces takes such great care of everyone, even going the extra mile to take care of Santa Claus! Imagine, he will have escort while over our airspace, so no one has to worry that he will be a target, COOL. I highly suggest that if you have kids, that you let them go to the website, it is way awesome, LOL.

I have been to three Army Bases in the last few days, Fort Lee VA, Fort Knox, KY and Fort Campbell KY. I am so impressed with how hard these men and women work to take care of my family. I am so proud of my two boys, being part of this during this time and of their own free will no less.

I am proud of all soldiers everywhere. I am not going to get into the political side of this war, its not the time. These men and women serving our country and the world are doing what they are asked to do, and with a free will. I hope every single time you see a solider or a vet, that you take the time to thank them.

We went to the musuem on Fort Campbell, it was really interesting. They have all sorts of WWII artifacts, as well as things from all the wars. The kids had a blast getting into an air plane they have their that was used for jumps during WWII. It was made of canvas! I have a picture of a note written during the D Day Invasion in Normandy, and also some of really really huge bullets, or bombs not sure which they were 🙂

There are some really great looking planes and helicopters  outside the Museum as well, two of which I would KILL to own, wonder what the army would sell to me for???

At Fort Knox, one can not get anywhere near the Gold, shame really. I would only have borrowed a few bars, nothing much LOL. I think of all the bases we went to though, that I really liked Fort Campbell the most, and the name – Screaming Eagles – wow, gets your blood going.  I tried really hard to get in, but at 43 that just wont happen will it?

I don’t suppose that my being so proud of all our service men and women is a new idea to folks, and its not even new to me. But when one goes to a base, and sees this whole thing in action, makes me feel so patriotic. My family has been military since WWI as a matter of fact, and I have always been patrioticl but now that my boys are serving, well I just want them to know how I feel.

So, God Bless you all, officers, soldiers and families of military men and women, know that Americans are thankful for your diligence to our freedom.


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