Day Trip to Fort Lee Virginia

Today, I am going to pick up my son who is at Fort Lee VA. He gets to come home for the holidays, and I am thrilled! So, in expectation of this visit, I thought I would post about the Fort.

Fort Lee is situated in Petersburg, Virginia. It has been a center for activity during war time since the Revolution, though not named Fort Lee at that time. During the second war of indepence ( what you all might call the Civil War 🙂 General Lee held Petersburg for 11 months against the Union, during which General Grant decided to cut the supply lines that ran through this area.

General Grant took over, after Lee evacuated Petersburg, and one week later General Lee surrendeerd at Appomattox Court House.

During the First World War, the First Camp Lee was used as a state mobilization camp , after that it became a training camp. After WWI, the state took the Camp over for use as a natural area.

More tomorrow 🙂 Night folks.


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