spotlight on the redwoods

spotlight on the redwoods

Originally uploaded by I, Puzzled.

I had a real problem picking a picture for today, not sure if it is just my mood or what. Anyway, I finally settled for this one, not because it is redwoods in Santa Cruz mountains, but because I was sitting here listening to Kevin Kendle’s “Fading Light” and it just fit the moment.
For me, listening to music becomes almost like a romantic moment. There are memories that I come to ascribe to each piece, and when ever I hear that music again, all the most lovely of memories or future memories come to me. Weird I know, but that is my brain…:-)
I sometimes have such strong, concrete feelings when I think about a place, I can actually picture myself being in a place. Anyway, this place looked like a nice happy spot, a place to just sit and commune with mother nature, and really live.


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