Ahmadinejad, are you aware you are NUTS?

Do you really believe that you and your country foster free speech? I remember your country very well Mr Ahmadinejad. I was there when free speech went right out the window. Do you recall the year 1978? I do. I recall it very well. I recall your idiot friends, those who now are in positions of power, taking my free speech away from me, as well as my home and my friends.

I remember your attacks and threats, on school buses with American children on them, and our Fathers company buildings. Do you recall the pipe bombs? The meanness with which you attacked us when were in town shopping?

Do you remember? I do. If you think for one second that anyone in the world will EVER think you are a leader of a free nation, forget it. We all know that what you call a free country is nothing more than a place with a new dictator. Instead of Khomeini, its  you now. You treat your women like garbage. Your children are being raised in a place where the only future they have is one  YOU say they will have. You and the little men like you, who have nothing more than a false idea of who  God is. I will tell you this now, Mr. Ahmadinejad, God * ALLAH* is really pissed off at you, you are taking the love He has given freely to ALL people of this world, and twisted it, using it as an excuse to treat a group of people you don’t like personally in a horrid manner.

The world will not let you do what you plan, understand this now. God will not allow you to succeed. You are being used, what you have – this sense of power… it only exists because it fits Gods will at the moment to allow it to be so. You are being used by God for a higher and bigger purpose. He will be back soon, and you along with the rest of us, will be standing before him, answering to God for your life. Be careful Mr Ahmadinejad, can you really think that God will be pleased with you and your cohorts?

Some maybe wondering why I am so angry, it is a two fold problem for me. One, I loved Iran very much. The country was full of wonderful sights, people and experiences. Not one person there before Khomeni came back treated us with anything other than kindness. I will never forget all I saw and did there, nor the way the sunset over the city made me almost cry. Men like Mr Ahmadinejad took that away from me, in one fell swoop. No warnings, no reasons that I could understand, and I am angry about it. Two- men like this man , who have little empty minds, with black empty hearts are the reason we see all the hateful things in the world today. I am trying very hard to have the love and peace of God in me, it is not my job to obtain revenge unless God tells me it is, justification is the Lords business. But, how to allow my anger to be slowed , when I read articles like this one? He is once again calling for the destruction of Isreal, and trying to rewrite history. He thinks that because he can do so in his country, he can do so in the world. I hope he can live down the embarrassment he will be feeling when his little study group has completed this research of thiers.

What concerns me is this, it is qouted in the yahoo article I linked to, that among other countries in this “fact-finding” study, is Americans! Wonder if the CIA and FBI are looking into who these people are, at least in my opinion, they should be.

I know that there are people like him in every corner of the world, this is not an Iranian specific problem. It is simply that these days , Mr Ahmadinejad is the loudest idiot on the block.  I don’t blame the Iranian people, it is not within their power to stop this man, but it is in the worlds power. He is nothing different from Hitler, and we waited far too long before stopping him, will we make that mistake again? Will we wait until this man achieves his desires? He has the bombs, we know this. He is unbalanced, we know this. Time to send this little man packing, before he does something we are all going to regret.

And Mr Ahmadinejad, since I am a born again Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, it is my God given duty to tell you this:

God loves you, he wants no one to be left to perish. It is not too late to repent, to turn aside your hatred, your anger. One day, we will all of us, stand before God and give an account of our lives. Search your heart, see how you are about to do something that you can never take back.

God Bless everyone


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